Upcoming Sunday Services


Upcoming Sunday Services

To request ASL interpretation for an upcoming service, please contact the office. Interpretation services require 10 days advance notice.

January 28

Defining Moments and Movements in UU History

Rev. Lucy Bunch preaching with Rev. Dr. Roger D. Jones Worship Associate Marilyn Reynolds, Music Director Keith Atwater, and pianist Ina Jun

As religious denominations in the United States, both Unitarianism and Universalism are more than 200 years old. How did we get from then to now? What were the defining moments and movements in our denomination? Rev. Lucy will share her top five (or maybe more) defining moments in UU history.

Sunday Spiritual Practice: Reading and reflection on poetry and prose at 9:45 in Room 6

Soup Sunday — a fundraiser for Recreate for Health, American River Parkway Foundation’s youth outreach program, offered by our Interfaith Earth Justice team

February 4

Compassion or Caretaking or Codependency

Rev. Dr. Roger D. Jones preaching with Rev. Lucy Bunch Worship Associate Laura Sheperd and Music Director Keith Atwater

“If you really cared about other people, you’d do this for me!” Have you ever heard this? Sometimes it can be confusing to know whether we are choosing compassionate action or being goaded into taking responsibility for another person. Or we feel compelled ourselves to save others at our own expense. It’s a challenge to sort it out and observe healthy boundaries. This is part of a sermon series on compassion.

Spiritual Practice: Labyrinth Walk at 9:45 in the Meadow

Soup Sunday for all after the service


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