What to Expect on Sundays

Our service starts at 10:30 a.m. and lasts about an hour:

The service includes music offered by our choir, pianist, a solo guitarist, rhythm section or other musicians.

  • Like most UU churches, we start the service with the Lighting of the Chalice Flame and the unison reading of our congregation’s Mission Statement.
  • After opening music, words of welcome and announcements of church events, the children and youth, if they wish, may leave the sanctuary with adult leaders for the child and youth programs until after the service ends.
  • There often is a time of silent meditation, spoken prayer, or lighting of candles to reflect our milestones, joys and sorrows.
  • A minister or guest speaker gives a sermon.
  • There is a freewill offering, and every Sunday we give away half of the money received to a local not-for-profit organization doing work in the community that reflects our shared values.
  • The service ends with more music and a spoken blessing.

On your first visit, you may wish to come 10 minutes early to locate the sanctuary and visit the Welcome Table.

After service, we gather in the welcome hall for conversation and refreshments; there is a sign-up table for various UUSS activities and service opportunities.

All Ages Service

Once per month we have a service for all ages, and children and youth stay in the sanctuary for the whole service.  The all-ages services usually include stories, music, a brief message, and an activity tied to the theme of the service.  We also sing a birthday song to people having a birthday in that month.  We still provide nursery care close to the sanctuary for infants and toddlers in case they would not enjoy being in the whole service.