UUSS Sculpture Logo Zazzle Store


You can make personalized gifts with our own UUSS Sculpture Logo on it by using uuss.org/store


We have our own store on Zazzle! Go online and take a look. You can purchase everything from t-shirts to dog shirts and even shoes with our logo and name, or personalize it even more by adding your own message. When you use the store, Zazzle records the sale and then periodically sends us a check for 10% of the price of whatever is purchased. Or even better, if you use the uuss.org/store link the UUSS will get 15% of the sale. So far, we’ve made hundreds of dollars from our Zazzle store!

Have fun on the shopping site; buy presents for yourself or others, and earn money for UUSS, a total win/win/win!

just a sample of some of the items in the store