Review Process


Informal Review Process

Some things to keep in mind if you have suggestions or criticisms about the website…

Your input will not go unheard. There is a process that will be followed.

We’ll run your input by a small group of people first (website committee, office, ministers, etc.) and then more people if there is some agreement.

Some problems are quick and easy to fix. For example: at launch the member login didn’t have an error message if you put the wrong password in. Someone pointed out it was confusing. Made sense to me. I added an error message. Some problems are easy to fix!

We always have to weigh the cost and time to fix something. The larger a change the more we have to consider it and get more input. It also may take a while to fix or change something. Some large scale changes (let’s change the font!) are probably not doable so please be understanding.

We’ll get back to you and let you know what’s fixed, what other people said about the issue, or if it’s something we have to schedule down the road, etc.