Moving Your Group to the New Website!


Moving Your Group to the New Website!

This page has info on moving your PAGES and FILES over to the new site. The steps are below.

 You can contact me anytime at  or my phone: 

newspaper (1)

1. Fill out my lovely google form (should take 15 minutes):

2. Look at your group’s pages on the old website ( and make some notes about what to junk, what to update, or any new pages to add

3. Then we talk on the phone. I can answer your questions and tell you about the new things the website offers to help groups better communicate and promote themselves. We can start to decide what your pages will look like. I’ll get the basic information I need and start setting your group up.

4. Finally, we build your new group pages. there are two ways to do this

a. simple way: any page you want added – send it’s text to me. Any page you wanted updated / edited – just copy and paste from the old page, edit, and send the updated text to me.  You do not have to design the pages. Just send me your well written final text and I’ll take care of the layout and making it look nice! You’ll get final approval of course.

b. design together: do the above step of sending me text BUT then we’ll either get together at the church or we can connect our computers remotely while talking over the phone. Then together we can design your section of the website.

Some other things to keep in mind:

Files: some groups have files (usually PDFs) that they link to. They could be minutes, agendas, etc. If you have these you’ll need to sort through them, clean them up (delete the old, etc.) and get me the final files you want on the new site. You can download them from the old site. If you need help doing this I can help.

Photos: Browse the new site and you’ll see many fantastic high-resolution photos of UUSS doing it’s thing. Every group should have at least one picture (from a recent event maybe?) But certainly you can have more! If you have photos you’d like to use for building your section of the site make sure I get them.

So you know who you’re talking to, that’s me:

this guy