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 March 13, 2016

Effie Yeaw field trip

Posted by RE Coordinator

Posted on March 13, 2016

It is exciting times in True Reflections as our 3rd-5th graders explore the new theme of nature and earth-based religions, especially as we head into spring with its many “teaching moments.”

On April 3rd, Mary Howard, long-time UUSS member, volunteer, teacher, and current Effie Yeaw Nature Center docent will lead our kids in the much-desired field trip there. We are in need of parent/guardian volunteers to organize/provide transportation that day from UUSS and back. Our current plan is for the kids to gather at UUSS and leave from there at 9:30.

They will be back by noon as that is also a Freedom Club meeting day.

Please contact the RE Coordinator at to volunteer and for more information. 350_EYNC_side_by_side_with_blue_box

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