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 October 5, 2016

Spirit Play in the Kitchen

Posted by Alecia Sanchez

Posted on October 5, 2016

On Sunday, October 1, the threat of rain moved Spirit Play from the garden to the kitchen. The Spirit Players took a tour of our new UUSS kitchen, learned about which sinks can be used for hand washing, put that newfound knowledge to use, and then kicked into gear. With Glory Wicklund’s help and cookie dough, they baked cookies for the Soup Sunday meal. Once the cookies were in the oven, they transitioned into making themselves some salsa. Once complete, they enjoyed a little feast of salsa and chips while we discussed their time in the kitchen.

During our discussion, they noted that their time in the kitchen could be a part of a spiritual practice through being grateful for the food they cooked. They were happy to know that anyone attending Soup Sunday would get to enjoy the fruit of their labor. And they were excited to FINALLY (the wait seemed interminable) try the cookies themselves. In an unscientific poll, I found that they preferred the chocolate chip cookies to those with cranberries.

We offer special thanks to Glory for organizing this Spirit Play session.




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