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 June 1, 2015

Last SHYG of the Year Recap

Posted by Dirk

Posted on June 1, 2015

We had our last day of SHYG before the summer and Sara Gandara led an open discussion on the topic of comparing yourselves to others. How is it good? How is it bad? As usual lately we had a really good group discussion with most people sharing. We actually talked quite a bit about standardized testing and opinions of that. Lots of people were open sharing about things they compare themselves badly to others about (being organized, math, social interactions, etc.) but also the things they think we think they are better at. We reminded everybody that SHYG will still meet the 3rd Sunday of every month this summer and to come join us if they’re here for those days.

We’ve really seen the youth this year become more comfortable with each other and a lot more open with sharing their thoughts and opinions during SHYG so I think it’s been a successful year!


nerdsP.S. We also finished up some Candy that Charlotte S. had brought a previous week. I ate 4 boxes of grape nerds and in consequence my teeth hurt all day.


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