Nov 222015
 November 22, 2015

The Red Cart

Posted by Dirk

Posted on November 22, 2015

The red cart cart is back! Now that we are again in our church’s sanctuary on Sundays you’ll find it near the welcome hall – inside or parked just outside.


Red Cart



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  One Response to “The Red Cart”

  1. UUSS folks donated 15 pounds of food (including a case of apple sauce) and one clean blanket this past Sunday which was taken to the Sierra Arden Neighborhood Food Closet this morning by Joan Rubenson. Delores Forkey, who runs the food closet with her husband, Pepper, said that cases of food, towels, linens, and blankets are “gold”.
    Last Week Mary Ann Wilhelm and Marie Pearce transported the donation of 130 pounds of food (and bottled water) to the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services Distribution Center, 1951 Bell Ave, Sacramento, CA 95838. They are happy to receive just about anything that folks can use including clean linens, jackets, blankets, fresh fruits and vegetables.

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