Building Renovation Project


History of the Building Renovation Project

Sometime around the turn of the new century, we recognized that our Sierra Blvd. building no longer adequately met the needs of our congregation. Should we raze the building and start over? Sell the property and build in the burbs? Maintain and expand what we already had?

In 2007/2008 the work of long range planning began. From small committees to congregational gatherings, regular weekly meetings to weekend workshops, membership surveys to questionnaires, our hopes and needs were clarified. Then began the long, arduous, exciting process, of turning dreams into realities. Ministers, staff, members, friends of the congregation, all pulled together to meet financing and building permit problems, budget constraints and decorating choices.

Although the decision making processes were not always easy, we held to our UUSS covenant and traveled the renovation project together “with open minds, open hearts, and helping hands.”

On September 13, 2105, we joyously rededicated our beautifully renovated building!

For pictures and a more complete account of the renovation project, see Our Past Updates or take a look at the wonderful Storyboard put together by Jim Eastman.

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