JHYG (Junior High Youth Group)


JHYG (Junior High Youth Group)

For 6th, 7th and 8th Grades

Welcome to a year of discovery in JHYG!

The intention is to provide a space attractive to JHYG youth that encourages observations about cooperation, community, strategic problem solving, experiences of spirituality, the value of planetary resources, as well as many other large issues, not the least of which is, who am I in all of this. We work with the 6 Pillars of UU JHYG religious education. The six pillars are: community involvement, social action, worship, learning, leadership, and congregational interaction.

Game Construction

We will use cooperative board games to identify actions and concepts that can be associated with the 6 pillars. Each session would start with one participant lighting the chalice and starting the check in for the group. The game for that class would then be set up with the corresponding overview of the rules of the game and the covenants of the RE space the participants have previously adopted. During the game, participants would be encouraged to identify actions that correspond to any of the 6 pillars, sort of like a treasure hunt. Essentially, the games will serve as a discovery tools for behaviors and concepts inherent in the pillars that reflect the mission of Unitarian Universalism. At each session, healthy snacks will be shared. At the conclusion of the session, we will identify what we discovered during our game.

Neighboring Faiths

A circle of young minds with open eyes and heart

Inquiring minds looking for a fresh start.

First, to get to know each other and to know they are not alone,

Then to hold hands and to let go of that phone.

To explore the religions of the world, or as many as we can,

To learn about, to under and to overstand.

To appreciate there are many different ways to honor the sacred,

Always with Love and never with Hatred.

That’s our mission, in this transmission

Stay tuned for more to be revealed, we really don’t know

As young inquiring minds and hearts come together in a circle called JHYG, in Sacramento…

JHYG Updates

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