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 July 23, 2017

Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Update

Posted by Sarah Turner

Posted on July 23, 2017


At the June 28th meeting, the SURJ Sacramento Chapter introduced a few changes:

  • A renewed focus on Black Lives in Sacramento
  • Less frequent community meetings – will now be held quarterly (next meeting is Sept. 27th)
  • Workgroup meetings will meet more regularly – to join a workgroup, email SURJ

Mobilizing Workgroup

The Mobilizing Workgroup focuses on direct action and making sure that SURJ members show up for events in support of Black Lives.  The group is planning trainings, creating member support teams for direct actions, engaging with the Sacramento Police Department and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, and being responsive to requests from the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Sacramento Chapter.

Education Workgroup

The Education Workgroup shares information with SURJ members and the community at large, helping keep folks up-to-date and engaged.  The group plans community reading and education events, including through the SURJ Sacramento Reading Group on Facebook.

Fundraising Workgroup

The Fundraising Workgroup coordinates goods, services, and funds to be given to BLM.  Members who are interested in supporting BLM financially are encouraged to donate online, and the group will be reaching out to members soon to talk about other ways you can give.  Please start thinking about what skills you might be able to contribute — do you know how to file legal documents, plan events, or cook great food?  Can you become a monthly donor?  Everything helps!

Art and Communications Workgroup

The Art and Communications Workgroup organizes communications within SURJ and to the community at large.  Working with everything from social media to screen printing, the group is working to develop creative ways to spread the word.  Their first project will be putting together ‘zines using members’ artwork to tell the stories of those murdered and brutalized by police.  They are looking for folks who know of or have a connection to a screen printer in the Sacramento area.  This service is a longstanding need of BLM.



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