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 October 10, 2017

UU Parkway Mile Cleanup This Saturday, October 14

Posted by David Dawson

Posted on October 10, 2017

Hi, Folks,

How swiftly the seasons change!  It seems so recently that the UU mile was under water; but now, after a verdant spring and luxuriant growth in summer, the Parkway is already showing signs of autumn- and also the trash that results from heavy use in prime-time.  We’ll have a chance to sort out the litter from the falling leaves this Saturday during our monthly cleanup.  It should be a lovely day; sunny, cool, a little breezy- just right for our purposeful walk in the park.

As is usual on each second Saturday, we’ll meet between 8:45-9:00 AM in the parking lot, next to the levee, at the end of Northrop Avenue off Howe Avenue, behind Panera.  We’ll sign in, obtain trash bags, and orient new folks.  With a good turnout, we should be able to finish in one hour and regather at the stairway at 10:00 for a photograph.  Then, if you wish: on to Panera for refreshments and conversation, perhaps with lots of interesting summer trip experiences to share.

I hope you’ll be able to join us!



Snowy Egret In Autumn, American River Parkway, ©David Dawson, 2017

Snowy Egret In Autumn, American River Parkway, ©David Dawson, 2017

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