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 September 9, 2017

Results of UU Parkway Mile Cleanup Today, 9-9-17

Posted by David Dawson

Posted on September 9, 2017

Hi, Folks,

We had an excellent crew of fourteen people today to clean up the UU mile of the American River Parkway. Shown from left in the first photo below are our wonderful volunteers: Marian Ashe, Tony Van Curen, Carl Gardner, Jeff Voeller, Wayne Bell, Nancy Gilbert, David Fontaine, Kathy Fontaine, Betty Crockford, Gary Keill, Don Thornberry, and Lloyd Crockford. Not shown is a most welcome “first-timer”, Theo White, who had to leave quickly for an appointment. Many thanks to all for leaving the UU mile in excellent shape. Hopefully, the crew took satisfaction from many appreciative runners and bikers who expressed their thanks as they rode and ran past on the trail… and also from the refreshments and conversation afterward!

The second photo below is just a little sample of this morning’s ambience at riverside. For a much better visual experience of the beauties of the parkway (without need for picking up trash!), be sure to check out the exhibit titled “Picturing the Parkway-Celebrating the American River Parkway in Photographs” at Viewpoint Gallery, 2015 J St. in midtown, now open Tuesday through Saturday, 12-5:00pm, through Oct. 7.

…and lastly, UU’s Parkway Stewards have been asked if we would be willing to repeat last year’s successful Soup Sunday offering at UUSS on Sunday, November 12. As before, we’ll need to have eight soup chefs to make the event complete. Cassandra Sove has provided the “Soup Sunday Guidelines” which are attached below the second photograph. I’m in… Shall we do this? Let me know () if you’d like to join in!

With very much appreciation to our willing, diligent, and thoughtful UU crew,


UU Mile 9-9-17-2

UU Mile 9-9-17

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