Mar 122017
 March 12, 2017

Difference Makers Can Have Fun, Too!

Posted by David Dawson

Posted on March 12, 2017

UU Crew 3-11-17

Here, fresh off the American River Parkway on Saturday morning, is our crew of fourteen* fine folks who came out after “le deluge” to help begin the restoration of the area by cleaning up trash, and to observe what the force of the river had done to the UU Mile.  While on our useful walk, other fun things happened, like bird-watching, wildflower appreciation, and animal track identification, which were among the many subjects discussed during  wide-ranging conversation afterward at Panera.  A few of the crew are sporting some of the excellent T-shirts made available to our volunteers by the American River Parkway Foundation (  Many thanks each of our UUSS volunteers this morning, and also to Jordan Powell, Volunteer Coordinator at the Foundation, for providing us with the T-shirts!
From left in the photo are Cass Sove, John Abbott, Gary Keill, Linda Tanforan, Bobbie Kiell, Seth Bell, Wayne Bell, Jeff Voeller, Eric Ross, Patricia Pratt, Tamara Olson, Clair Urness, and Roger Olson.
What a pleasure it was to be out there for good purpose with these wonderful people!
*minus the photographer…


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