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 March 23, 2017

Movement to Music for Seniors gets a groove on this spring

Posted by Meg Burnett

Posted on March 23, 2017

Malia Jones, professional dancer, choreograhper, and dance instructor puts a spring in our step in a very fun class on Wednesday afternoons from 2 to 3 this spring.  We can move to music of your favorite era and learn a few painless routines to enjoy with the group–with the accent on “PAINLESS”.  Come join Maryly Reinertson, Ray Reynolds, Meg Burnett and others Wednesday’s through May!!  You can sign up at the Connection Central table this Sunday.

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  4 Responses to “Movement to Music for Seniors gets a groove on this spring”

  1. Is the senior dance at two in the afternoon or at noon? The reason I ask is that you called the email “moving after music at noon? Thanks for photo. I was wondering what shoes to wear!

    Shirley Hines

  2. This looks great!!

    • Yes, thank you, Lisa. If you wish to refer non-member seniors, please do. The fee is $15 per class.

  3. The movement class starts st 2 pm.

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