Jan 152017
 January 15, 2017

Today was great at UUSS

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on January 15, 2017

A few people complained, jokingly, that the music and sermons are too good and there was no parking left when they got to church today. We did have a big crowd, and I heard much gratitude for Lucy’s MLK sermon on courage. It was great to hear the choir again after my two months away!
We had a lot of returning recent visitors, and it was nice to connect with several of you afterwards.
I went to visit Religious Education and found very engaged kids in Spirit Play (Kinder to grade 5) and Neighboring Faiths (grades 6-7-8). They were covering important topics and having a good time. Our Senior High Youth Group leaders were all prepared for a good discussion but there were no youth in the room. Darn! But they reviewed the contents of the SHYG cabinet and discussed the coming weeks. Miranda has reached out to the SHYG families about the new curriculum, and we are excited that the adult volunteers are excited. I am also grateful that we had a bunch of toddlers in the Nursery!
Looking forward to this coming Saturday’s workshop, MULTIKULTI: Introduction to Multicultural Awareness.

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