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 December 30, 2016

Remember Me? — it’s okay if you don’t, but

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on December 30, 2016

I can’t wait to see you!  My two months of sabbatical are coming to an end as December comes to an end.  I just plowed through two months of emails (lots of spam) and took at look at the emailed Minister’s Messages from December.   I look forward to seeing how much the kids have grown, and all of the new children, youth and families who have started attending church since I disappeared.  I look forward to connecting with so many of you, whom I have missed, and to getting to know so many others, whom I have not yet met.  In case you haven’t seen my January Unigram newsletter column, we have a month to connect, as I vanish again at the end of the month.tory-pic-of-roger-4-may-31-2016

Happy New Year, and see you early on 1/1/2017!

Yours in faith,


Roger Jones, Senior Minister

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  2 Responses to “Remember Me? — it’s okay if you don’t, but”

  1. Was very glad to be back at church today at UUSS. I wore my long underwear for Rev. Lucy’s labyrinth walk outside and then warmed up over breakfast before church–and warmed up by many hugs.

    It was great to see folks again AND to meet so many new families and individuals who have been coming since I left. Rev. Lucy and Intern Scott gave me easy things to do today, but I have to remember how to do a sermon for next Sunday.

    Happy (and meaningful) New Year, everyone.

    • Lovely to get a glimpse of you at choir practice Wednesday. We have missed your weekly visits!

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