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 November 1, 2015

Hearing Assistance Devices at UUUS–

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on November 1, 2015

Members and friends here at UUSS with hearing loss appreciate using our Hearing Assisted Devices (HAD) to more fully participate in the services.

Visitors with hearing loss are always welcome.  Come about 15 minutes before a service begins, and you will find the HAD inside the sanctuary to the right on a table beneath the AV window. The table is staffed by a volunteer, who will welcome you and ask your name for checking out the materials you need.

3 ways someone with hearing loss can use a HAD:

  1. If you know you have trouble hearing the Sunday service and do not wear hearing aids, then check out a set of headphones and a receiver (put in a pocket or attach to the waistband of your pants) from the person staffing the HAD table.
    2.  If you do have hearing aids and still have trouble hearing certain parts of the service, follow the same process as #1.
    3. If you have a T-coil on your hearing aid then check out a loop to hang around your neck and a receiver. When the service is complete, return the borrowed materials to the HAD table. Thee materials are costly to replace; please make a point of returning them so others will find them ready to use. Thank You.
    If you like hearing better during the service, then pass along the good news to others who may benefit from the Hearing Assisted Devices.
  • Our dedicated volunteers will make efforts to staff the table during other gatherings in the sanctuary, and additional volunteers are always welcome to sustain and extend this service. Feel free to post a comment if you are interested in helping out or call our UUSS Office and leave your name and number.
  • Thanks to generous donors who made possible our HADs and our Induction Loop hearing assistance system.
  • Thanks to our HAD volunteers, who make up part of our ministry of welcome and hospitality at UUSS!

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