Loaves and Fishes


Loaves and Fishes

We meet every month on the 4th Monday of the Month at 1321 North C St.

There are 2 crews: Food Prep and Serving / Cleanup

Food Prep

The Food Prep crew meets at 7:30am.

Duties can be light such as wrapping silverware in napkins, stacking bread slices in boxes, etc. or heavier work such as chopping vegetables, assembling ingredients for lasagna trays, etc.

Most jobs require standing. The length of the shift varies depending on the number of volunteers and the menu.

Sometimes after the shift folks go to to a coffee shop to socialize.

Serving / Cleanup

The Serving / Cleanup crew meets at 10:15am.

Duties include serving food to guests as they go through the line, and cleaning up tables.

loaves and fishes

We welcome newcomers and are happy to explain the process to you.

Hope to see you soon!

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