Monthly Landscape Upkeep Team


Monthly Landscape Upkeep Team

October 2016 marks the first month of our newly formed team that will look after our exterior landscape.

First Friday of each month, 0900 – 1200 (1 – 3 hours) the working group will be doing the following types of tasks:

  1. Digging out and hand-pulling weeds;

  2. Dead-heading the shrub roses;

  3. Checking irrigation emitters to make sure they are working properly;

  4. Replacing broken emitters;

  5. Replacing plants that have died;

  6. Pruning wayward growth on plants.

Tasks will change with the seasons. If you already have your own garden and tools, bring them with you when you come. If you haven’t anything there will be some tools available to get you started.

Contact Annie at (0900 – 2200 hrs) or to ask for more information or to sign on.

Monthly Landscape Upkeep Updates