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 March 19, 2017

Borders and Identity Conference

Posted by Susan Lange

Posted on March 19, 2017

The Borders and Identity Conference on March 17-18 in Berkeley was a wonderful opportunity to learn from those on the front lines of immigrant justice and to take part in many thought-provoking conversations.  The Immigrant Justice group will be bringing many of the ideas, skills, and workshops to the congregation in the near future.  Would you know how to react to an incident of harassment of someone due to ethnicity or other issue?  What is the difference between community organizing and social movements? Migrant issues are a major, and divisive, theme in national politics.  Where do you stand?  There was a great tie between churches and the Civil Rights movement.  How can we channel that same energy in our faith community?  The Immigrant Justice group would like to know your answers to these questions!

Further updates will follow.  Contact us if you would like to share in our conversations.

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