Walking Boots


Walking Boots

We are a group of walkers and hikers. We hike interesting trails and pathways, meet others, get exercise and appreciate nature’s bounty. Many of the walks are local and of relatively short distance (3-5 miles) but some hikes are longer and farther afield.

Walking Boots Updates

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Upcoming Hikes

Ancil Hoffman Park, Saturday May 20, 2017, 7:45 AM

This hike will follow the game preserve trail around the golf course and dip down to the river in a 3-mile loop. Bird, deer, turkey, coyote sightings are all a possibility on Nancy’s Wilderness-in-Our-Own-Backyard series. Sign-up for this hike: Limited to 10 hikers. Hike leader: Nancy Flagg

Miner’s Ravine, Saturday June 3, 2017, 6:30 PM (evening hike)

Miner’s Ravine is a wooded nature trail that winds its way through Roseville. Stream beds, trees, wildlife, rocks and possibly wildflowers on this 3-4 mile jaunt in Nancy’s Wilderness-in-Our-Own Backyard hiking series. Hike leader: Nancy Flagg

UC Davis Arboretum, Saturday July 15, 8 AM

Explore gardens, Putah creek waterway, a peaceful Redwood grove and plant collections from various garden zones over a 3-mile mostly paved route. Hike leader: Nancy Flagg

Johnson-Springview Park, Rocklin, Saturday August 5, 8AM

Join us on a gentle 2-3 mile walk at Johnson-Springview Park. The park is a lovely and easy-to-get-to recreational area in Rocklin. Trees and wide grass/gravel/dirt trails wind throughout the park. We will walk along a creek and visit several geological features of interest. Hike leader: Nancy Flagg