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Group Search Results

Men’s Group

We are a peer group that meets twice a month to promote bonding and share concerns, feelings and experiences in a confidential, supportive environment.

American River Parkway Stewards

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On the second Saturday of each month, we perform cleanups of a mile of the American River Parkway which was adopted by UUSS.

Earth Justice Ministry

Our group focuses on environmental justice, sustainable living, worship and celebration, and earth education for adults and children to promote a sense of reverence, gratitude and care for our living Earth. To quote Tim deChristopher," We're going to start from what we know is necessary...we're going to work for what we want...bring us in alignment with our values."

Interfaith Earth Justice

Keyword match: environmentalism
We seek to be a force for healing in the world by engaging with other members of the faith community for a multi-faith exploration of our spiritual and moral response to climate change and the degradation of our Earth. We will join forces with them to work for Earth Justice, consistent with our 7th principle affirming the interdependent web of which we are a part.