Apr 042017
 April 4, 2017

Fighting Slavery with Greater Power

Posted by Petra Stanton

Posted on April 4, 2017

Our first day in India was spent with Tatvasi Samaj Nyas (TSN), a partner organization of Free the Slaves.  They have benefited from the funds that the Kids’ Freedom Club has raised.  They are doing amazing work in over 100 villages in this area.  They work with the local police to rescue girls that have been trafficked and then they have a recovery home where they can stay for a few weeks before heading home.  The TSN staff then work with the girls’ village to help them settle back home.  While working with the village they set-up a team to keep an eye out for traffickers and help protect others from becoming victims.

While meeting with TSN leadership I was able to help them with some strategic planning in order to strengthen their organization and help them become stronger and more effective.  The staff were very encouraged to hear about what the Kids’ Freedom Club is doing and they were encouraged to meet Zavian and see that at a young age people are getting involved in anti-slavery efforts.

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