UUSS Green Sanctuary Projects


UUSS Green Sanctuary Projects

Following is a list of projects UUSS Green Sanctuary has either completed or initiated as an ongoing UUSS activity.

Project Codes

The codes after the title of each project refer to the four Green
Sanctuary focus areas:

(W) Worship and spiritual practice are central to congregational life, helping to ground our work and deepen our relationships with each other and with Earth.

(RE) Religious education for our children is designed to prepare them to live sustainably and with integrity.

(EJ) Environmental justice challenges us take action to create a just society, so that the benefits we receive in our lives do not come at the expense of others.

(SL) Sustainable living focuses on many issues in our daytoday lives that have a particular impact on Earth, especially those relating to energy, landscaping, building management, waste management, transportation, food, and water.

American River Parkway Stewardship of UUSS “Mile” (SL)

Composting Workshops (SL)

Decorate Reusable Shopping Bags for Sale to the Congregation (SL)

Earth-Based Curriculum for 2008-2009 Church Year (RE)

Earth-related Sunday services (W)

Educate UUSS on Reducing Carbon Footprints and Other Environmental Issues (RE)

Green Eggs (EJ, SL, RE)

Green Tips (SL, RE)

Interdependent Web of Life Science Presentation (RE, SL, EJ)

International Climate Action Day (EJ)

Kitchen Reusables (SL)

Labyrinth (W)

Manpollo Project: A Response to Global Climate Change (RE, SL, EJ)

Northwest Earth Institute Discussion Groups (RE, SL, EJ)

Partner with Two Interfaith Organizations (EJ, SL)

Recycle Cell Phones and Printer Cartridges (SL)

Renewal: Interfaith Environmental Film Screening (RE, SL, EJ)

Solar Cooking Demonstration. (RE, SL)

The Ten Tree Project (EJ, SL)

Thirty Day Local Food Challenge (SL)

Update Lighting, Sound and Wiring in the Main Hall. (SL)

Unicycle (Free Cycling) (SL)

UULM Low Carbon Challenge (EJ, SL)

UUrth Song CommUUnity Garden (SL)

Vegetarian Cookbook (SL)

Vegetarian Dinner for Family Promise Guests (EJ, SL)

Vegetarian Main Meals Adult

Enrichment Class (RE, SL, EJ)

Volunteer Work for the Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS) (EJ, SL)

Website for Green Sanctuary (W, RE, EJ, SL)

Partner with Soil Born Farm Urban Agricultural Project (EJ, SL)