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 December 21, 2015

UUSS Choir Spring 2015 in Review (Videos) – Music Service 4/30/2015

Posted by Meg Burnett

Posted on December 21, 2015

Prelude/Introit:  “Let There Be Music”  Tom Goff and Gordon Gerwig-trumpet duet UUSS Choir Introit


Music Service #2  Welcoming and Belonging “All God’s Critters” UUSS Kids and Friends;

“For Good”  Guest youth soloist Sarah Gonzales

“Wonder”  interlude by dancer from Malia-in-motion Dance Company


Music Service #3  Wonder and Healing  “Choose Something Like a Star;UUSS Choir;

“Nobody Knows the trouble I’ve Seen” Malia-in-motion dancers and Sacramento Threshold Choir


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