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 August 5, 2017

Activities List and Camp Talent Show Info

Posted by Christopher Jensen

Posted on August 5, 2017

Some of our Camp Activities:

Our first Annual Glamping Contest for most festive camp site

Campfire with Singing and Ghost Stories


Swimming Pool

Play Structure

Horse Shoes

At least One Frisbee

Craft Weaving

T-Shirt Painting


Chit Chatting

Napping (my personal favorite)

Camp Talent Show Info:

Show it off!


You’re signed up for Camp Norge in August; you’re thinking about the S’mores; What else do you need to bring????????????

Something for the talent show:  Do you play the Uke?  The guitar?  Do you sing?  Can you recite poetry?  Do a recitation?  Tell a story???????  Do you like riddles?  Skits?  Plan on being a part of the SATURDAY NIGHT CAMPFIRE/TALENT SHOW!!!!!  Throw something into the car (a costume?????) that can be used during our show!!!!!!

Thanks…..See you there in August!!

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