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 May 8, 2016

Recipes from our Auction Dinner!

Posted by Dirk

Posted on May 8, 2016

A lot of people have been asking…so here they are – Tiki’s recipes for the amazing dishes served at our auction dinner:

2016 “Spring Fling” UUSS Auction Recipes (PDF)

No Photos version (for printing w/ less ink) (PDF)


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  3 Responses to “Recipes from our Auction Dinner!”

  1. I was a guest of Laura Shepherd’s for the Auction Dinner and was amazed at the breadth of dietary options (I’m vegetarian) available, only outdone by how delicious they were. Thank you, Tiki, for sharing your culinary talents and to you and all the UUSS volunteers for your commitment and thoughtfulness. It was a wonderful dining experience and evening, overall.

    • Thank you so much Peggi! I had a great time planning and preparing, and of course, couldn’t have done it without lots of terrific helpers.

  2. I added a NO PHOTOS version since some people might not want to use a lot of ink when they print them…(link under original PDF above)

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