Women’s Support Group


Women’s Support Group

We value our long-term participants and we welcome new participants.We meet at UUSS on Wednesday afternoons, 1:30-3:30, virtually every week with occasional misses for holidays. Currently we meet in Room 11, but anticipate a move to Room 12 in the Autumn.

We have no set discussion topics; we share our individual joys and sorrows and then let the discussion flow from there.


Women of all ages are welcome. Membership in UUSS is not required. The number and individual participants vary from week to week. Usually the group has about eight women but sometimes is smaller or larger.

We keep the names of participants confidential. We find it valuable to honor our Covenant.

Women’s Support Updates

Our Covenant

  • As diverse women gathered to talk and listen for mutual benefit, we aim to be open minded and kind.
  • We divide our meeting time to allow everyone an opportunity to participate. We each check in with no crosstalk and then we have open discussion.
  • We avoid side conversations.
  • We avoid violating trust by carrying stories beyond the group.
  • Our membership is confidential, and our roster is not used for any commercial or fund-raising purposes.
  • We do not require weekly attendance.
  • We collect donations for the UUSS general fund as participants feel able.
  • We are lay people without psychotherapy certification and share responsibility for the success of the group.