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 January 9, 2016

Website training Jan. 17th (Sunday)

Posted by Dirk

Posted on January 9, 2016

Now we have a beginners and an advanced class for learning more.

Click here for information and to sign up!

This is our third training and now there is a beginners class (12:30-1:30) AND an advanced class (1:45p-2:45p). If you want to learn how to post updates for your group then the beginners class is meant for you. If you’ve attended a previous training but want to learn more such as

  • formatting your posts to make them look nicer
  • adding photos or photo galleries
  • scheduling posts
  • etc.

then sign up for the advanced class. You can also attend both. The training will be in the library.

This is a follow along sort of training so bring a laptop to class. You can also bring a tablet BUT things may look different on it and in the past that has slowed the person down. If you have neither that’s fine and I will have a few extra laptops there for you. If you have questions leave a comment or email us at


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