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 October 24, 2016

Oct 28th for Website Help

Posted by Dirk

Posted on October 24, 2016

I (Dirk) will be available at church from 12p to 8p on Oct. 28th (Fri) for help with your group’s pages, posting on the site, etc. First time training is also fine. Click comment or email  if you’d like to schedule a specific time or just show up.

EDIT: I’m booked up meeting with people off and on until 4:30p, so if you plan on popping in, try to do so after that…

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  6 Responses to “Oct 28th for Website Help”

  1. Hi Mr. Dirk, at your next website training time, I’d like to come talk about the board page and how we post info from meetings. Maybe we need a new space just for Congregational mtgs. – maybe just fold it into the regular agenda/minutes area. I like your ideas from your email, but I’d like to talk face to face when you’re available. OK?

  2. Ooops, your post says Friday, Oct. 8 – needs fix to 28? I can come this Friday. See you then.

    • thanks, yes the 28th. i fixed it. see you then…i meet with lucy at 2:30p so plan around that

    • and now i’m meeting with scott between 12:30 and 2:30. there might be some time in there cause we only need an hour at most but later after i meet with lucy (3:30p on) might be better. if none of this works we can always do a remote connect

  3. Hi Dirk,

    Can’t come during the work week. Will have to catch you some weekend? Peggy Makie

    • next month (nov) i’ll do another normal after church sunday training, it’s been a while…thanks for your patience

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