Feb 162015
 February 16, 2015

February’s Annual Pledge

Posted by Bruce Moulton

Posted on February 16, 2015

By Miranda, RE Coordinator – Mir Headshot

Each year, the UUSS community comes together by pledging to the operating budget. This financial support generates money to pay for my position, the positions held by my co-workers and our two Ministers. Your generous pledging pays for our rent, utilities, upkeep, denominational support, and Religious Education supplies and training. The monthly financial donations pay to keep our community thriving, united, and serving. Most UUSS households will receive an envelope this week including two important letters and a pledge form for the next budget year. Monthly pledges also sustain and support the outreach and mission of this congregation from year to year. This Sunday is the day to bring in your yellow pledge form and turn it into the box at the Stewardship team’s table. Thank you so much for your generosity. Every pledge makes a difference.

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  1. Thanks Miranda! Your thoughts are certainly things that we all need to consider.

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