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 March 17, 2015


Posted by Bruce Moulton

Posted on March 17, 2015

by Lauren Davis-Todd, Co-chair Stewardship Team – 

When I was a single mother of two, working full time teaching, my son joined Little League.  Talented, inspired and enthusiastic, he loved it.  I enjoyed watching, but I was overwhelmed with other responsibilities.   At the sign-up meeting, the coach brought up the awkward conversation of  volunteers and financial donations.

My answer to sidestep any obligation was ready; “I’m a single parent working full time.”  I expected nods of understanding meaning I was off the hook, but what I got were some hard looks with raised eyebrows and a loud silence followed by the coach saying, “We all work full time and several of us are divorced parents.”  I wanted to morph into a dust bunny and slip under the couch.  Instead, I signed up to work in the snack shack and donated to the candy bar fund.

To my knowledge, no one mistakes Little League’s main function as fundraising and volunteer recruiting, but without it, the kids don’t play ball.

Similarly, the Stewardship team raises the issue of money, but “The purpose of Stewardship is giving, not fundraising.” (Kennon Callahan) 

The Stewardship Team members write inspirational messages, make posters, stuff envelopes, orchestrate yearly pledge renewal efforts, serve soup, and wear bright yellow t-shirts.

But, what is important isn’t really what we do, but the spirit in which we do it. Our investment in this ministry is about interacting with other congregants in celebrating and discovering our own generosity and joy in giving.

But, if we don’t ask for donations and volunteers, we don’t give others the opportunity to give and experience the ministry of Stewardship.

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  1. Very thought provoking and menaningful!

  2. Why thank you, Bruce!

  3. Thank you Lauren, Chuck , and all the dedicated stewardship volunteers. Your generosity is inspiring!

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