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 September 23, 2016

SHYG Session 1: RECAP

Posted by RE Coordinator

Posted on September 23, 2016

7 youth and 3 advisors in attendance on the first day of the Senior High Youth Group, Sunday 9/18. The group reviewed last year’s covenant and made one minor change. Check back soon for the covenant. SHYG  did a brainstorming planning activity to discuss some topics for this year.

Suggested topics included: 

-making friends and helping people

-Black Lives Matter 

-other religions

-school stress



-Family Promise meal

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  2 Responses to “SHYG Session 1: RECAP”

  1. Thank you, Senior High Youth Group! Thanks to our team of adult advisors and to our teens for a great kickoff. I look forward to attending the group this coming Sunday. (Rev. Lucy is giving the sermon, so I can slip out for RE.)(

  2. Happy to see Black Lives Matter on the list! We could use their energy.

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