Mar 292016
 March 29, 2016

57 Pounds of Groceries and Household Items Donated – Thanks!

Posted by Joan R.

Posted on March 29, 2016

Thanks to all who donated to the Red Food Cart near the entryway at UUSS this past Sunday. Today I took it all to the Sierra Arden Neighborhood Food Closet, a partner agency of the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services and the volunteers were thrilled to receive it from us. They weighed the food and gave me a receipt for 57 pounds of miscellaneous groceries plus household items. Delores Forkey who runs the program was thrilled with all of the food as well as other items that I took: clean towels, a dog bed, books, and a nice briefcase that I just didn’t need any more. They put miscellaneous items such as clean towels and sheets, clean clothing, books, etc, on a table for folks in need and it always disappears. We have a team of folks who take the food to distribution centers each week of the year so feel free to bring things for the Red Cart to UUSS any Sunday or during the week as well.

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