Nov 202017
 November 20, 2017

Pastoral Prayer/Meditation and Invitation to the Outreach Offering from Sunday–

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on November 20, 2017

Let us prepare ourselves now for a few moments of spoken prayer and silent reflection.

May we take time to calm our bodies and our breathing, rest our hands and rest our eyes, whether open or closed.  Notice our breathing, in and out.  Notice our neighbor’s breathing, our common breath, which is the breath of life.

As we gather together on this day, may we extend our wishes and prayers for healing and hope, joy and celebration to those we know and love and hold in our hearts.

Let us be open to feeling the care of this community for our own lives.  May we extend our care out beyond familiar circles to all places of need and unrest, all people who suffer in fear, in mental or physical pain, or in grief over lives lost.

Close to home, we hold in mind the hurting people near Rancho Tehama Reserve, and we extend our condolences.  We extend our thanks for the bravery and quick action to minimize the harm done by the attacker.  May we find courage to act and speak out for peace and safety for all communities.

In the light of too much news of tragedy, we recognize how fragile is every human life, and how precious.  Help us to notice every occasion for joy, count up the simple gifts of life, and behold the ordinary miracles of our days.

Now, surrounded by this community of spirit and hope, and in the midst of the sounds of our gathered friends and neighbors, let us pause in quiet, in stillness and in reflection for a few more moments.  Blessed be.



Every Sunday morning, we give half of our offering to an agency serving the broader community.  This month, our community partner is Loaves and Fishes. It is a leading provider of survival services to homeless adults and children in this area.  Loaves and Fishes provides food, shelter, and resources in a clean, safe environment and in the spirit of welcome and hospitality.

In July of this year, an official count of homeless people in Sacramento County found nearly 3,700 people living without permanent shelter in this county and 2,000 people living out of doors. Given this crisis, we appreciate this vital community partner and we support its work.  Our shared offering will not be given and received.


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