Mar 272015
 March 27, 2015

Inside changes coming too!

Posted by Dennis Clear

Posted on March 27, 2015

While the photos show our progress on the exterior of the building, there will be many changes coming to the interior of our facility too.  The new Welcome Hall will have acoustical tiles installed to provide sound absorption and light reflectance.  These tiles will help everyone when multiple conversations are going on and folks are struggling to hear.

And speaking of hearing, a new Hearing Loop System will be installed for use within the sanctuary.  Detailed and technical information on this system will be available in the office.

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  2 Responses to “Inside changes coming too!”

  1. Will unused portion of the old walls that are laying by the storage shed be used for screening the dumpsters?

    • A decision on how to repurpose that material has not been made yet. I will share this option with the project managers. Thanks for the suggestion.

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