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 November 11, 2016

UUSS Volunteer Teachers have begun ESL classes at UUSS

Posted by Meg Burnett

Posted on November 11, 2016

Our Refugee Support Leadership Team has partnered with International Rescue ESL Mommy &Me Coordinator, Dina Bostandzic to provide classes in our Nursury and Room 10 classroom for our new refugee neighbors from the Arden Arcade area.  uuss-esl-teachersTwice per week for 2 hours beginning November 10 with our first group of trained teachers: Nancy Lust, Joan Rubenson, Kathy Styc, Chris Gerwig, and UUSS Coordinator, Meg Burnett.  Kim Marta will assist and substitute as needed.  We are happy that several of you have expressed a wish to participate, and we look forward to scheduling more teachers in January and February, as we add more students to the classes. Email Meg at with phone and other contact info if you wish to sign up.   We had such a great time, none of us wanted to leave after the 2 hours!

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  5 Responses to “UUSS Volunteer Teachers have begun ESL classes at UUSS”

  1. A HUGE Thank You from the International Rescue Committee to the wonderful team of UUSS volunteers who welcomed our first students in Mommy and Me class on Nov. 10th. It was so fulfilling to see the smiles on the faces of the young refugee moms willing to engage into new learning adventures and the excitement of the kids when they got into the colorful and inviting childcare room. Thank you all so much for offering your support to IRC’s mission in this challenging time.

  2. Thank you Dina, for your excellent support. We also can thank several new folks for offerring to volunteer teach, and provide some school supplies!!!

  3. I am so impressed by everyone’s willingness to provide this truly valuable service – makes me so proud to be a part of UUSS. Can you provide a list on your web page of the supplies you need and how we can get them to you?

    • At this time, Linda, we have what we need. Yay!!! Our enrollment is not filled up yet, so later in December or January, we may be ready to post a list of items needed. Thank you again for your encouragement and generosity!

  4. Thank you, Linda. After our meeting this week, we can do that.

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