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 May 29, 2016

Create Refugee Welcome Kits! Sunday, June 19 @ 12 PM

Posted by Sarah Turner

Posted on May 29, 2016

UUSS Refugee Welcome Kit flyer

Refugee Welcome Kits:

UUSS is partnering with World Relief Sacramento in welcoming refugees
by providing the basic household items they need for their new start in Sacramento.
By simply donating a few home essentials with our open hearts,
we can help ease their transition and provide comfort in their time of need.

In honor of World Refugee Day, join us in creating Refugee Welcome Kits
on Sunday, June 19th at 12:00 PM in the Sanctuary.

Visit our table in the Welcome Hall on Sundays or email for an itemized list.
You must RSVP with a donation to participate.

Household and Child & Baby Supply Kits are most in need.
*Newly purchased items are preferred.

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  9 Responses to “Create Refugee Welcome Kits! Sunday, June 19 @ 12 PM”

  1. I went ahead and put together the items on the Kitchen Kit. Do you want it tomorrow or should I wait until the 19th?

    Shirley Hines

  2. Please note: Our goal is to create at least one of each type of Welcome Kit listed, for a total of 4 kits (or more!)

    Bathroom Kit
    Household Kit
    Child and Baby Supply Kit
    Cleaning Kit

    Please contact us for the list of items that are needed for each type of Welcome Kit. In addition, clear storage bins are needed for each Welcome Kit to contain all of the items, as well as a $25 cash donation to go along with each Welcome Kit for the refugee family or to cover storage/transportation costs of the Welcome Kit.

    Please reply with the item(s) you will be donating, the quantity of the item(s) and which Welcome Kit(s) the items are for. Or, visit our table in the Welcome Hall on Sundays to add your name to our sign-up sheet.

    All donated items are to be brought to UUSS on Sunday, June 19th to create the Welcome Kits together after service. To participate in the June 19th event, you must RSVP with a donation so that we can account for the number of Welcome Kits that we will be able to create.

    Thank you for your interest!

    • I also have a small coffee table, and wonder if that and other small furniture items can be collected next Sunday also.

      • If you would like to donate furniture to World Relief, please coordinate with them directly for drop-off or to arrange pick-up from your home. We just found out they are closed on Sundays, so we will have to transport the kits ourselves in our truck.

  3. Some folks dropped off items now stored in the Music/green room for next Sunday. Phillip and I discussed setting the project up on the round tables in the Welcome Hall, beginning at 12 noon, and being visible and inviting to folks who have not yet had a chance to sign up.

    • Great! Did the items that were dropped off get “checked off” on the clipboards as received? We sent a note to Philip asking him to bring the clipboards on Tuesday so we can see what items are missing and decide as a group who will bring what items.

      • I did not see clipboards, but I just dug enough bedding and towels out of my house for at least 2 families-plus or minus bits and pieces. I will fill up my car, and drop off anything we cannot use at Goodwill if we cannot use all the items. How about we use cash donations to fill in after we make kits on Sunday? Perhaps Phillip has clipboards and lists.

        • Please note: World Relief is requesting newly purchased items (as stated in the flyer), or in Like New condition, and if possible a $25 donation to include with each kit.

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