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October 11

September 27

September 24

September 21

September 3

September 1

July 11

We would like to thank everyone for coming and supporting this fundraiser. We had a great turnout and made many new friends.

Through everyone’s generous donations, we raised a total of $530.40


Summer Retreat, August 18-20, at the Santa Rosa church

Fall Retreat, November 3-5, trying for a East Bay church

Winter Retreat, January 12-14, UU Society of Sacramento

Spring Retreat, March 16-18, Location to be announced.

Note that the MUUGs’ website is at with lots of information and photos.


Summer Sundays for kids: “Art Works!” started today

June 4 we launched another year of summer Sundays with our Art Works! program for children at our church. Nearly every Sunday our kids are joined by an artist, crafts …

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Western Unitarian Universalist Karmic Youth


registration information is now available.


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