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All RE Updates

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November 30

November 25

RE programs, Sunday 11/26: Junior High Youth Group (6-7-8) and Senior High Youth Group (grades 9-12), as well as Spirit Play. The Nursery will stay open till 1:00 p.m. to watch little ones while their adults attend the 4th Sunday Newcomers’ Orientation at noon (starts in the Library).


November 22

Kids or youth are invited to sign up to light the chalice for worship services.

Sign up at the RE Table in the Welcome Hall for a future date at 10:15 AM or after church.


Parents’ Coffee & Conversation with Rev. Roger: Spiritual issues in rearing teenagers!

Sunday, November 12

From 9:10-10:10 AM in the Fahs Classroom. Coffee provided; bring any snack you’d like to eat or share. Whether your young person is involved with OWL, JHYG, SHYG, MUUGs, or other programs, feel free to come. This is to get to know one another and build more community among parents, guardians and grandparents of youth at UUSS, but if you have smaller kids and are curious about what’s to come, join us! RSVP and questions: Write


November 2

October 27

October 11

September 27

September 24

September 21

September 3

September 1

July 11

We would like to thank everyone for coming and supporting this fundraiser. We had a great turnout and made many new friends.

Through everyone’s generous donations, we raised a total of $530.40


Summer Retreat, August 18-20, at the Santa Rosa church

Fall Retreat, November 3-5, trying for a East Bay church

Winter Retreat, January 12-14, UU Society of Sacramento

Spring Retreat, March 16-18, Location to be announced.

Note that the MUUGs’ website is at with lots of information and photos.


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