Oct 192015
 October 19, 2015

Middleschool Retreat at UUSS!

Posted by RE Coordinator

Posted on October 19, 2015

Middleschool Retreats are for UU youth in grades 6-9. We gather approximately 40 youth at a church and enjoy activities such as group games, small group meetings, daily worship, workshops and frequent meals. Two goals of the retreats are to develop an intentional UU community that lives under their covenant, and to help young teens explore leadership under adult mentorship. The youth usually attend because they make new UU friends, feel supported, and accepted as the wonderful individuals they are.

All of the youth attend the worship service with our host congregation, then they depart. UUSS is hosting the weekend of November 6-8th!

How exciting for us to share our wonderful new space.

For more registration information, please contact the RE Coordinator at .

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