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 June 7, 2015

COA Informational Meeting Recap

Posted by RE Coordinator

Posted on June 7, 2015

We held a great Coming of Age Informational Meeting this afternoon!

COA Co-Leader Irwin Rosenblum writes:

“After services on June 7, Roger and I, who are co-leading Coming of Age, led an information meeting for the 2015-2016 program.  COA is a 9-month program for youth which weeks to promote, honor and affirm our teenagers’ passage towards the greater freedoms and responsibilities of adulthood, and to impart a deeper comprehension and appreciation of Unitarian Universalism. Each student is matched with a mentor, who will work closely with the student throughout the year, helping the student explore his/her passions and values.  The students will attend 3 weekend-long retreats with UUSS students from around our region. COA culminates in a student-led credo ceremony. Roger and I are both very excited to work with our intelligent and interesting youths.”

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