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 April 9, 2015

Choir Participation!

Posted by RE Coordinator

Posted on April 9, 2015

Meg Burnett is inviting children and youth to sing with the choir on April 26th during our service for all ages.

Choir rehearsal is this Sunday, April 12th!

Here is a video of one of her personal favorites!

Here are the lyrics:

A Place in the Choir

Refrain: All

All God’s creatures got a place in the choir
Some sing low, some sing higher
Some sing out loud on the telephone wire
And some just clap their hands, or paws,
or anything they got now

Verse 1 and 2: Youth

Listen to the bass, it’s the one on the bottom
Where the bullfrog croaks and the hippopotamus
Moans and groans with a big t’do
And the old cow just goes “Moo”

The dogs and the cats they take up the middle
While the honeybee hums and the cricket fiddles
The donkey brays and the pony neighs
And the old coyote howls

Repeat Refrain: All

Verses 3 and 4 Youth:

Listen to the top where the little birds sing
On the melody with the high notes ringing
The hoot owl hollers over everything
And the jaybird disagrees

Singing in the night time, singing in the day
The little duck quacks, and he’s on his way
The ‘possum ain’t got much to say
And the porcupine keeps to himself

Repeat Refrain: All

Verse 5: Youth

It’s a simple song of living sung everywhere
By the ox and the fox and the grizzly bear
The grumpy alligator and the hawk above
And the sly raccoon and the turtle dove

Refrain: All followed by “WOW!!!”

Music and words by Bill Staines

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  2 Responses to “Choir Participation!”

  1. Hello,

    I attended this church as a child and I’d like to start bringing my daughter. Do you have a children’s choir? She would love to participate.


    • Youth Choir participates this Sunday, April 26 –come at 9:30 to the Mayflower Room to practice. She can practice with this video first. Wish we had a regular youth choir! We need a volunteer or 2 or 3 to lead , or work out times to sing at the youth challice lightings in RE 3 Sundays per month. I hope to meet you this Sunday. Meg

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