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 December 11, 2017

Register Now! SURJ Study & Action Group (first meeting Jan. 16th)

Posted by Sarah Turner

Posted on December 11, 2017

SURJ study action

Registration is now open for Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Sacramento’s first series of Study and Action groups!

Sign Up Here!

SURJ Sacramento is launching Study and Action – a community of learners committed to examining the histories of white supremacy and resistance movements, and building our abilities to effectively take action in support of Black and people of color-led organizations fighting for racial justice.

SURJ is responding to black people’s call for white people to study and take action to confront racism in our communities. Now is the time to train up, study up, and show up! Join SURJ as we make this commitment to the movement for racial justice!

Why ‘Study and Action?’

Social movements throughout history have engaged in political education to inform organizing and action in the streets. By studying the histories and systems that we resist, we deepen our understanding of injustice, and learn to take strategic, effective action. Learning in community makes our movements strong. We train up, so we can show up!

Is this for me?

Are you looking for a learning community to challenge racism? Would you like to find out how to take action locally and be accountable? Do you want to learn more about racial justice issues so that you can become a resource for your community? This is for you. Let’s come together as a community of teachers and learners, and explore:

The creation of whiteness and systems of white supremacy
Economics and the cost of white supremacy
Histories of resistance to white supremacy, especially Black liberation movements
Transforming whiteness for racial justice
Building skills to take part in, and be accountable within, racial justice movements

Groups will be facilitated by SURJ Sacramento members, and will meet for six, 2.5 hour sessions over the course of six weeks, on Tuesday or Thursday evenings. The location of the meetings is to be determined — likely participants’ homes or at UUSS (depending on availability).

The first meeting will be Tuesday, January 16th at 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. Location to be determined.

Click here for registration/inquiry form (deadline 1/1/2018)

Email with any questions:

Basic requirements:

SURJ is asking for consistency and commitment. This means they are looking for regular attendance and requiring that people come to each meeting prepared, having done the reading beforehand.

And the action component of these Study and Action groups is key. SURJ is requiring that participants take action during the 6 weeks of the Study and Action groups. This means attending two or three actions, particularly those led by people of color in our community; in other words, SURJ wants white people to show up for racial justice, not just study racism! Participating in protests, canvassing, showing up for court support — these are the actions that create change. Education is just the starting point.

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