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 September 22, 2017

Prom (Updated Bios and Pics)

Posted by Dirk

Posted on September 22, 2017


Our Fall Fundraiser PROM is coming up soon – Oct. 7th. I updated the page with more bios of the Gen Y UUs and our highschool photos. Check out, as Krystal calls it, my “Tennessee waterfall”.

Some people have been confused about the tickets we are giving out at the PROM table on Sunday. You don’t need a ticket to get in – it’s just for fun but it does help us to sign up at the table so we can get a little bit of a headcount.

prom tickets


  • main page for more info click here
  • request a song by clicking here and then leaving a comment
  • send us your high school photo so we can add it to our slideshow that night, email them to or drop it off with Elaine at the office
  • add yourself on our facebook event
  • visit us at our PROM table this Sunday and every Sunday until our event!

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