Oct 222017
 October 22, 2017

PROM Photo Booth Pictures are HERE!

Posted by Dirk

Posted on October 22, 2017

Click here to see all the pictures!

Here are instructions for the correct way to download your photo from the Google Photo Album: Once you click the link above then find your photo and click on it. This makes your photo enlarge to fill the screen. DO NOT right click photo and save image that way. INSTEAD click the three dots in the very top right and then “Download“. This will give you the highest quality 3000 x 2000 JPG of your photo that you can keep, print, or upload elsewhere!

click here

We will also have them printed next Sunday (29th) to pick up!

Photo Booth

[galleryfake ids=”23561,23562,23563,23564,23565,23566,23567,23568,23569,23570″]



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  2 Responses to “PROM Photo Booth Pictures are HERE!”

  1. We don’t see our pictures when clicking the link… :( Are these all the Photo Booth pictures?

    • weird. i just checked and you guys are definitely in there…photo 36th and 37th down. i’ll also email them to you just in case…

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