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 August 23, 2017

More info about the UUSS Fall Fundraiser: PROM

Posted by Dirk

Posted on August 23, 2017

prom-photos3We now have a webpage with more information about the UUSS fall fundraiser: PROM

Click here to check it out.

The Gen Y group is putting it on for the whole church. If you’d like to get to know more about us check out the bios on the page. See what we looked like in high school (and roger!) You can also request a song!

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Our Group’s Page

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  2 Responses to “More info about the UUSS Fall Fundraiser: PROM”

  1. Hi Prom Leaders,
    I’m Glory the “kitchen person”. I know you’re having finger foods and no dishes to wash. I have put about 200 small paper plates, napkins and paper cups in the Welcome Hall buffet upper cabinet with an outside label “PROM”; you are welcome to use those supplies. On Sunday, Sept. 24th I’d like to meet with Brett and any others and go over where kitchen items are located. FYI we have tablecloths to fit EVERY round and long table that UUSS has, plus trays, serving tongs, etc. Thanks

    • Thank you Glory! I’ll forward your comment on to everybody on the prom organizers email list (including Brett).

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