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 October 4, 2017

Last minute Questions & Answers!

Posted by Dirk

Posted on October 4, 2017

We’ve had around 120(!) people sign up at our table to attend the fall fundraiser: PROM. You can just show up Saturday night of course (sign-ups were to help get a head count and “tickets” were for fun). This is a free event but we encourage you to donate at our “Meet the Gen Y Table” that night if you’re having a good time.

I’ve got about 20 photos for the slideshow but would love more. Just snap an old high school photo with your phone and email it to me at OR text it to .

I’ll be dressed in my normal Sunday clothes (shorts and a t-shirt) but some people may dress up fancy. Come however you want, it’s by no means a formal attire thing. But you might win the “Prom Royalty” contest if you do dress up :)

Thanks to Tim Anderson we’ll have multi-color lights set up with a dance floor and mood lighting for the rest of the sanctuary. We’ve never used our wonderful lighting like this before for an event so come check it out.

Thanks also to the around a dozen folks who’ve volunteered to provide snacks, sweets and finger foods and also to John McMillan for showing us the ropes and helping out with the wine and beer bar (your prom probably didn’t have that!).

Last minute song request? uuss.org/songrequest

E-mail us if you have an questions at or check out the main page uuss.org/prom



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  8 Responses to “Last minute Questions & Answers!”

  1. Sounds like fun! Looking forward to it!

  2. See you there! Thanks, Gen Y people!

  3. Although I didn’t feel. like dancing the night away. I did enjoy watching Linda Klein and hubby Dave Thomas along with Janet Lopes and honey John McMillan and I can’t leave out Sandi Lane and Rev Lucy Bunch Cut -A-Rug. Yes! I also seen Celia and Marion, Julie and Tina striking some moves on the dance floor.. I heard that Maryly Reinertson had a couple dance partners to the tune of one song. All in all from what I observed all seem to have had a great time including 13 year old Gloria who came and introduced herself to my grandson, which I thought was very sweet. Though I missed seeing Christine Bailey or husband Bill Rev.
    Roger and many others dancing, I would like to think they also had a grand time. Kudos to Dirk, Sara. Hannah, Brett, Kara, Joe, Avery and the Gen-Y 20’s & 30’s group!!!!

  4. What a great party – let’s do it again next year! Thanks Gen-Yers!!

  5. We had a great time! Thank you for doing this Gen-Yers! Bill and I didn’t know one another in high school so this was our chance to go to a PROM together some 50+ years later.

  6. What a fun event! Do we have pictures to post???

  7. That was a lot of fun! Yes, let’s do it again next year.
    Thank you GenY!!

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