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 March 7, 2017

UUSS’s Parkway Steward Chefs Sellout Superb Soups!

Posted by David Dawson

Posted on March 7, 2017

The UUSS Parkway Stewards’ Soup Sunday was a rousing success! Every portion of all eight soups prepared by our group was consumed by appreciative savorers of the diverse and delicious array, yielding donations to UUSS of $404. Unfortunately, not all of our chefs were available for the after-event photo, below. Among the missing key folks not in the photo are Carol Jacobs, who teamed up with Jeff Voeller; Patricia Pratt, Shirley Paulson, and Bobbie Keill, who teamed up with Gary. In the photo, from left, are Jeff Voeller, Roger Olson, Dave Dawson, John Abbott, Tamara Olson, Cheryl Dawson, Gary Keill, Cassandra Sove, and Linda Dawson.

Many thanks to all for their generous contributions of time, talents and support to this fun and caring activity!


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